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One of the biggest challenges for companies both large and small is for them to tell their Clerestory (Clear Story), one that immediately captures what they do better than anyone else in the market and resonates with their target audience. Once that story is locked, the next step is to build a marketing strategy and execute on a plan to surround their target audience to tell them about it. That’s what the team at Clerestory lives and breathes.

Clerestory Marketing is a team of industry specialists led by Dan Lowden who have worked for early stage startups as well as large multi-national companies to help them tell their Clerestory. Whether your company is just starting up or is established and in need of a marketing audit to determine how to deliver better results, Clerestory Marketing can help. Dan and his team have decades of marketing experience and is committed to delivering success to your company.

Testimonials from past company engagements

“We brought Dan in to help us get an expert view of what our message and strategic marketing plan should be to help us drive towards our company goals. Within a short time, he helped us clarify our message to the market, developed and implemented a marketing plan to effectively reach our target audience, and significantly improved the look and the message throughout all of our communications. His impact to Kimbia has been substantial and went way beyond our expectations”

Dan Gillett, CEO of Kimbia


“At Gravitant, we needed to simplify our message to the market, re-launch our website, create professional looking marketing materials and develop a comprehensive marketing plan to help execute on our business strategy. Dan came in and immediately took on a leadership role, developing and launching all of these marketing elements in a short period of time. He helped put us in a position to win.”

Mohammed Farooq, Founder and CEO of Gravitant

“Dan Lowden leads from the front with passion, intelligence and most importantly with a smile. Marketing people sometimes struggle to take marketing activities into items that deliver revenue, Dan is 180 degrees from this alignment with the business is where he starts and finishes. Understanding markets, channels, product maturation, customer dynamics are natural instincts to Dan. Why Dan has this weird beard thing going on nobody knows. Why he cannot hole a put inside 8 feet we all know and love…”

Tim Eades, Former CEO of SilverTail Systems (acquired by EMC)

“Dan is one of the best technology marketers in the Texas region. He is fluent across the marketing spectrum, and can design and execute marketing strategies and programs with a very high degree of professionalism. Dan also brings a wealth of experience to the table, having been part of several companies from startup to successful exit. Whether you are looking for high level corporate marketing strategy, product launch or program creation and execution, I would highly recommend Dan for the task.”

Dave Sikora, Founder and CEO, Digby

“Dan’s impact while at Wayport was significant in many ways. He was a consistent performer who excelled in the marketing, brand building and overall business development of the company. Dan and his team created a dynamic image and awareness of Wayport that established the company as the undisputed leader in the industry. Like many early and developing stage companies, we sometimes lacked desired resources. During those times, I witnessed someone who could do so much with so little, a real tribute to Dan’s creativity and resourcefulness. Equally impressive was his leadership of the Wayport culture, one that centered on always going above and beyond for the five stakeholders of the company, with an intense focus on value creation. No stranger to accountability, Dan always assumed full responsibility for any task at hand, no matter how big the challenge and executed with a high degree of professionalism. His entire team followed his lead and was one of the most successful groups within the company. Without a doubt, Dan’s effort created tremendous value for Wayport and all of its important stakeholders, he is truly one of the best”!

Dave Vucina, Former CEO of Wayport (acquired by AT&T)

Dan Lowden adds tremendous value to teams he mentors, leveraging his track record of rapid growth and successes of the companies he has been involved with. His marketing experience, coupled with a challenging action focused and nurturing mentorship style creates an environment where startups are daily encouraged to succeed and operate with a “can-do” mindset.

Nathan Leggatt, CEO and Founder of ImageSpike

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“Dan is one of the best marketing people that I have ever worked with. He has the ability to balance an understanding of technology and being able to frame it in terms that customers understand and most importantly create demand for a product. Dan also has experience in both large companies and with small start-uups so he has the blend of both an entrepreneurial spirit but it is measured with experience in selling to and working in large companies. A perfect match for those companies trying to sell into the “big guys”. I continue to consult with Dan on a regular basis as I respect his opinion immensely and he is one of the best guys to work with you will ever find.”

Greg Williams, Former SVP AT&T Wi-Fi Services (now CEO of Totus Solutions)

“Dan is a rare marketing leader with the right balance of skill and experience, to be considered a true marketing expert. He can define a business strategy, craft a corresponding marketing plan, and implement the tactics and activities to create demand and close business. He makes it all fit together, end to end. The trait that sets Dan apart from others, is the knowledge and proven ability to ‘execute’ a game plan, that accomplishes tangible results. He cuts through complexity and jargon to write simple, compelling messages, to align value propositions with outcomes customers want to achieve. Dan can help organizations, large or small, improve their marketing capability.”

Rick McGee, Former VP Marketing & Strategy, IBM Thinkpad (now head of own consultant group)